Organic fertilizer.
Chicken manure pellets ORGANIC +

Organic + it is a high-quality pelleted chicken manure fertilizer made from natural raw materials. Such organic materials naturaly increase physical and biological nutrient storage mechanisms in soils, mitigating risks of over-fertilization. The majority of nitrogen supplying organic fertilizers contain insoluble nitrogen and act as a slow-release fertilizer. Organic fertilizers decompose and release nutrients slowly into the soil thus reducing the loss of nutrients. Dried and processed poultry manure products, such as pellets and powders, are often sterilised during manufacture, so are less of a risk.
- fertilizers are made from natural raw materials
- increase crop growth by increasing soil’s fertility;
- organic fertilizers improve soil physical and chemical properties;
- help growth of soil organisms, and promotes healthier plant root development;
- soils with high PH can be brought closer to neutral;
- rise water and nutrients holding capacity;
- fertilizers in pellets can be evenly distributed into the soil and doesn’t leach.

Chemical composition
PH: 6,9
Dry matter: 86.9%
Organic matter: 85,29 %;
Nitrogen (N): 4,69 %;
Phosphorus (P):1,3 %;
Potassium (K): 2,74 %.

15 kginter